Caitlyn  有折痕的

Class of 2020 - Caroline County, MD
As a child, Caitlyn有折痕的 had stumbled upon Washington College, and jokingly claimed to her parents that one day, she would become a member of Goose Nation. 年后, long after the thought of attending had nearly slipped her mind, she began searching for colleges close to her small town, and once again, stumbled upon WC. 是第一代 college student and close to her community, 有折痕的 immediately chose this campus for the intimate opportunities to explore her chosen business and economics double major, but still had no idea of what could potentially be waiting for her there.


“I anticipated being a Business major because growing up, I thought I was going to be the CEO of a major company,” 有折痕的 said. “[But] as I developed throughout my time here at college, I started to take other disciplines and figured out what I actually 想做的事情.”

After taking other critical-thinking courses, 有折痕的 had switched her second major to CMS, alongside the BUS major--but with a different mindset than what she had before.

“[These departments] are different but meaningful,” 有折痕的 said. “业务教会了 me so much about leadership and organization, but Communication has also made me realize about all of the problems we continue to face and need to be addressed right now.”

With her mission now to help those in need with the skills she had learned from her courses, 有折痕的 took advantage of the close resources she had around her on-campus both in and out of her respective departments.

Her close connections with her classmates and professors in the college community encouraged her to continue exploring her interests, hone in on her ideas, and shape her views on the world, as well as getting involved in a variety of different clubs and organizations, internships, and other job opportunities to gain different perspectives of how the business world functions for others.

“I had everything laid out for me because of those connections, and that the college provided me everything I needed to succeed,” 有折痕的 said. “我不会用它来交换 如果让我再来一次,我一定会死的.”




Coming from a rural background with not a wide range of different cultures or identities, 有折痕的 jumped at the chance to explore , as well as gain insight as to how to view 她身边的人. “[The class] was a chance to branch out from my comfort zone and explore a different, inclusive learning environment,” 有折痕的 said. “没有一种类型 of person has changed the way that I look at Business and Communication & 媒体研究, and has taught me how to research and write a paper for a specific topic, which has 非常宝贵的.”



For her first internship on-campus, 有折痕的 worked for the Washington College 招生 office during the summer of her sophomore year. As part of the backside of communications at the college, her on-the-job duties included drafting emails and a communication plan and checking updates from Slate, “I really enjoyed what the experience offered 我:“有折痕的说. “It taught me what goes on behind the scenes and how others contribute 它.”


难忘的体验仁人家园 Volunteer Intern

The summer of her junior year, 有折痕的 had the chance to explore a nonprofit organization through her internship with 仁人家园. Her responsibilities in the organization’s Caroline County, MD chapter included coordinating volunteers in different locations across the county, as well as performing small office tasks for those in charge. “[The internship] was really interesting because, being a nonprofit organization, the experience is that you get the opportunity to help people, even if your assigned job isn’t exactly being there and on the volunteer site,” 有折痕的 said. “你还 contributing so much to the community by getting other people involved.”



With graduation deadlines fast approaching, 有折痕的 is ready to face the business world 正面. Her focus is driven by her excitement over her SCE thesis, as she will be conducting a non-profit business plan for providing middle school and high school students across the United States proper direct access to ICTs (Information and 通信 Technology), with the next step being conducting a survey with local students about their access to and knowledge of--or lack thereof--ICTs. While she doesn’t have immediate plans set in stone after she graduates next spring, 有折痕的 is already slated and prepared to meet with numerous non-profit foundations, determined to find a job she’s interested in pursuing. “The business world is unpredictable,” 有折痕的 said.